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Typical MBA Concentrations

Students who wish to focus their MBA studies on a particular concentration can opt to enter a specialized program. If you plan to stay and build your career in Alabama, it might be a good idea to search for a concentration that can easily be used in one or more of the state’s most prominent industries. This will greatly increase your marketability, and the likelihood of finding a well-paying job within your community upon graduating with your MBA.

Here are two examples of concentrations that might be worth considering for MBA students in Alabama.

Agribusiness Management

Agricultural business doesn’t all take place in fields and barns. An MBA in agribusiness can prepare you to take care of the unique operational needs of agricultural businesses. The science of sustainability and balancing supply and demand are just a couple of the important topics students can expect to cover in this concentration.

Supply Chain Management

Alabama is home to many manufacturing companies. An MBA in supply chain management can prepare students for careers as leaders in this sector. Students will learn about resource planning, production, information systems, dealing with change, and more.

Why Accreditation is Important?

When choosing an MBA program in Alabama, it’s vital to make sure the school you’re considering has been accredited by a valid accrediting institution. These organizations make sure schools meet certain academic and ethical standards, and ensure that students will leave with a high level of preparation for the next step in their education or career paths.

Most schools are accredited by either a national or regional institution. Nationally accredited schools are often for-profit colleges and vocational schools, and are considered to be less prestigious than their regionally accredited counterparts. Credits obtained at regionally accredited schools are frequently easier to submit for transfer than those earned at nationally accredited universities, as you may have learned when you earned your undergraduate degree.

Alabama is home to many schools with regional accreditation. You can be confident that whatever your MBA goals, there’s an accredited online program in Alabama to help you reach them. AACSB accreditation sets apart the best business schools in the world.

Top Employers in the State by Number of Employees

Company Industry Headquarters City Number of Employees
BE&K Engineering Birmingham 9,000 (nationwide)
Mercedes-Benz Auto manufacturing Vance 1,900
Russell Brands Manufacturing Alexander City 4,500

Whatever industry you choose to work in, an online MBA can help you meet your goals. Businesses across the state of Alabama employ qualified business administrators to make sure their organizations operate smoothly.

Average Degree Salary Ranges Potential

Careers for MBAs in Alabama

Financial managers typically handle such duties as reviewing their company’s financial reports, creating financial records, designing budgets, and overseeing most of their organization’s financial activity. In some top companies, financial managers may earn a salary upward of $100,000 per year.

Financial analysts are responsible for audit and analysis of their company’s financial records for the sake of the organization’s future fiscal health. They may do this by looking at income statements, payroll records, cash flow statements, and similar documentation.

Operations managers are a key part of any manufacturing and distribution company. They oversee the large scale operation of the business, and make sure there are no breaks in the supply chain. The operations manager may be responsible for the daily goings-on involving purchasing, shipping, staffing, and related issues.

Together with the Chief Operations Officer (COO), the CFO reports to the CEO and is responsible for maintaining the financial integrity of the business. They are in many cases the authority within the business relating to issues such as budget management, cost benefit analysis, securing funding, and stockholder financial issues.

Marketing directors are needed by a wide range of businesses in many different industries. They are responsible for promoting the products and services offered by their organization, as well as overseeing brand development.