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MBA Concentrations for MBA Connecticut Students

MBA programs based in Connecticut are similar to those offered in other states. Most of Connecticut’s flexible programs also give students access to concentrations that allow professionals to study one specialty that gives them the sort of specialized knowledge an MBA graduate needs in business. There are many options but one of the most popular in many states is business analytics. This is a discipline that companies across the country and across the globe find they need.

Business Analytics

Business analytics gives you the knowledge you need, no matter your company’s focus. You’ll review and analyze the full spectrum of business-specific data, then come to a conclusion about the results you uncover. This allows you and your managers to make the correct decisions.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy is specific to marketing online. You’ll focus on digital analytics as you take courses in digital marketing. If you’re going to focus on marketing and you plan to be analyzing the data that results from your company’s marketing efforts, this concentration is ideal to help you master the necessary skills and find success.

Healthcare Management

If you’re going to be working in a healthcare setting as a manager or executive, then this concentration will provide the knowledge you need before you graduate. You’ll take many courses including healthcare economics, insurance, risk management, staff management, management of long-term healthcare organizations, and even a course in global healthcare systems.


In the finance concentration, you’ll learn to make fast, strategic decisions even as the market conditions are changing from minute to minute. This concentration is perfect for an asset valuation or portfolio management career. Your clients expect you to make the right, effective wealth management decisions to create high returns.

Supply Chain Management

If your future is in supply chain management, again, this is a quick-changing environment. You’ll learn how to spot complications in supply chain availability then develop the best solutions for fixing the problems in real time. This concentration is well-suited for MBA graduates in logistics, purchasing, transportation, operations, and supply chain management.

Top MBA Careers in Connecticut

As the Director of Finance and Pricing, you’re responsible for providing all financial and revenue management leadership data over to the Business Unit Management Team. You’ll give corporate managers periodic updates on business unit performance, including key performance indicator analysis, cost/benefit analysis, pricing analysis, and other benchmarks. You may also assume a leadership role in counseling the Business Unit Vice President and management team on promotion, brand strategies, tactics, and pricing.

As the Director of Human Centered Care in a healthcare corporation, you take the lead in developing new, innovative approaches to offering the highest level of care to patients. You’ll also lead the way in building teamwork and collaboration among team leaders and team members so outcomes are all positive. You’ll be expected to inspire and motivate by role modeling and coaching your healthcare team and to direct resources most effectively to create a positive impact on human experience.

As a Senior Financial Analyst, your main responsibilities may have you creating end-of-month reports that are timely and accurate. This requires digging into all spending details and summarizing the drivers of all variances as compared to current year’s plan and prior reports. You’ll also prepare financial summaries to point out expense results. And you will establish collaborative relationships with internal partners (Central Finance, Accounting) and cost center owners.

As the Associate Director of Program Management, you’ll assume responsibility for all processes of a company program. You’ll assist the program manager in meeting on-time delivery requirements, improving product quality, and driving cost reduction strategies. You’re also responsible for executing the development of programs, to include product reliability improvements and tests, and the on-time delivery of customer proposals.

As Assistant Vice President or Associate Financial Advisor, you have to build and maintain a business brand by carrying out your marketing plan, utilizing effective prospecting and sales skills, converting prospects, and assisting your current clients in meeting their life financial goals as you recommend appropriate investment plans and products.

Collaborate with the marketing team and managing partners in annual business and marketing planning processes, helping to maintain the plan throughout the year and providing suggestions to help meet firm goals.

In this global rotational program, you’ll undergo training as a future Finance leader of the company that developed this program. You’ll be rotated through different financial roles within the company, beginning in the Global Corporate headquarters, located in Stamford, CT. You’ll gain global experience, build an in-depth understanding of the functions and businesses within the company, and enhance your financial skills. Once you complete this two-year program, you will be expected to join the company in a permanent Finance role in one of the company’s U.S. or international offices.