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MBA Concentrations for Students

Some Delaware MBA programs offer concentrations to their students who want to deepen their learning and understanding of leadership, human resources, or health administration. These classes allow you to specialize in a concentration that will benefit you after graduation from your MBA program.

University of Delaware’s Lerner Business & Economics program offers the following concentrations:

Healthcare Management

MBA Concentration in Healthcare Management: In a healthcare concentration, you’ll develop your leadership and business skills. You’ll also receive opportunities that allow you to enter this fast-growing industry. You’ll learn about healthcare reform, informatics, population-based care, E-service delivery, and patient experience.

Hospitality Business Management

In the Hospitality Business Management concentration, your learning focuses more on the hospitality industry, specifically the functional business areas. Your hospitality coursework will be taught by hospitality faculty. Once you graduate, you’ll be able to find employment as a restaurant manager, hotel manager, marketing strategy consultant, casino manager, director of food and beverage, hospitality information systems manager, or event manager.

Human Resource Management

Goldey-Beacom College’s MBA program offers a Human Resource Management concentration. If you work with a human resources organization, this specialization will expand your knowledge of entrepreneurship, corporate valuation, fixed income securities, investment and portfolio management, international capital budgeting, and risk analysis and management.

marketing management

In the Goldey-Beacom College’s MBA program, a marketing management concentration gives you additional coursework in international marketing and current topics in marketing. You’ll also be able to choose an elective in information technology, which is recommended.


Goldey-Beacom College MBA also offers an entrepreneurial studies concentration. If launching your own business is one of your plans, this concentration will offer everything you need to learn, including innovation and intrapreneurship in larger organizations. Your concentration coursework includes entrepreneurship, creating and leading new ventures, project management, and social entrepreneurship.

Accreditation in Delaware

Accreditation offers both a university and a business school a positive mark that tells prospective students and their employers that the courses offered are of an approved, high quality. Any university or business school that applies for accreditation will be required to pass difficult peer-review evaluations, as well as a self-evaluation. Upon approval of an eligibility application, the program begins the initial accreditation phase. This includes self-evaluations, developing an in-depth strategic plan, then the beginning of committee and peer reviews.

Universities and MBA programs can apply for and receive accreditation from more than one accrediting organization, such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) or the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

AACSB accredits MBA programs while ACBSP covers business programs from associate, baccalaureate, masters and doctoral levels; including MBA programs. IACBE is the newest accrediting agency. Like the ACBSP, the IACBE accredits all levels of business programs. Each accrediting agency operates independently of other accrediting agencies and creates and sets its own standards for determining which programs should receive accreditation.

Regional accreditation is sometimes a more reliable mark of a program’s standards than national accreditation. Several agencies accredit complete institutions of higher learning. Seven of these agencies that have been recognized by the Department of Education include:

  • The Higher Learning Commission
  • The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
  • The New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • The Middle States Commission on Higher Education
  • The Northwest Accreditation Commission
  • The Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  • The Southern Association of Schools and Colleges

Top MBA Careers in Delaware

Financial Analysts make use of client data to develop persuasive reports, to be given to administrators who are responsible for making vital financial decisions. The financial analyst frequently delves through and evaluates cash flow documents, income statements, and balance sheets so they can get an accurate picture about a company’s current financial situation.

Directors of Asset Management do similar work as Financial Analysts. The asset management director conceives of and develops management strategies that make financial growth possible. They may also lead an asset management team and oversee the monitoring of the conditions of all properties.

Director of Business Development for an inpatient hospital. The manager in this position will focus on the development and nurturing of professional relationships with medical and support staff, which includes doctors, discharge planning social workers, individuals responsible for payment, and clinicians in acute care hospitals. This person monitors the work of their liaison and admissions team.

The vice president and risk policy officer is responsible for helping bank customers to bring their accounts current. If the customer is unable to fully bring their accounts current, they will receive help in resolving their debts. The risk policy officer oversees the Collections Recovery Risk team and ensures that each team member works within the approved strategy of the bank.

The Leadership Development Program Manager ensures that the development and execution of early career programs is well managed. This includes a new and recent college and graduate development program for the Airgas company. This person also seeks and identifies opportunities to either establish or formalize processes and requirements for university internship programs.