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MBA Concentrations for Illinois Students

Identifying a career path that interests you prior to enrolling in an online MBA program can give you a leg up when breaking into your field after graduation. Many Illinois schools have MBA program concentrations that will allow students to master exactly what they’ll need to know going into their chosen field.

The following examples were chosen based on their relevance within the Illinois job market, which employs a large number of business professionals with advanced management skills.

International Business

A degree focusing on international business can give students an understanding of global business principles. They’ll learn how to create value for clients and partners, how businesses operate in other countries, and why these topics are important when managing an internationally active business.

Business Data Analytics

This specialization teaches students how to use data to develop markets and attract customers, increase supply chain efficiency, and make smart business decisions. This is an ideal focus for students who may want to pursue a future as a business consultant.

Accreditation in Illinois

There are different types of accreditation that are available to colleges and universities across the country. Students should look at schools that have been accredited by a regional or national bureau. Being nationally adccredited may sound more prestigious, but this is typically reserved for for-profit institutions and is often more focused on undergraduate degrees.

The state’s top business schools have been accredited by Illinois’s regional bureau, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) also offers this to online programs.

Top Employers By Number of Employees

Company Industry Headquarters City Number of Employees
State Farm Insurance Northbrook 13,000
Allstate Insurance Bloomington 13,000
Shire Manufacturing Bannockburn 17,000

With a degree from an accredited online MBA program, you’ll be on the right path to hit your business career goals. These businesses may be a good place to start when considering your next job opportunity in Illinois.

Average Salary By Degree Type:

Careers for MBAs in Illinois

In this position, MBA graduates may oversee teams responsible for developing and implementing core IT processes to keep the company and running smoothly. This may involve understanding of workflow processes, customer/vendor communications, and cross-department interaction.

This is a marketing position for MBA graduates to develop new customer building strategies through account management systems. They spend a great deal of time working to build referral modules, and may meet occasionally with administration to discuss issues that center on marketing.

Financial analysts guide businesses and individuals to financial success through investment and analysis of current finances. Bachelor’s degree graduates are also often qualified to hold this position, but an online MBA can significantly boost earnings in this field and make it more likely you will be hired when you apply.

Sales managers lead their teams by providing support and supervision during the sales process. They’re responsible for creating and implementing business strategies to better help their sales team meet their target sales goals.

Account executives can work in many different industries and support their teams by finding and following up on sales leads, handling client support, creating sales strategies, and relaying company value to target customers. Successful account executives are good at matching customer with their ideal products.