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MBA Concentrations

Having an idea of the MBA specializations you want to focus on means you’ll be able to structure your courses so that, when it’s time to choose concentration classes, you’ll be prepared.

In the Business Intelligence concentration, you’ll take at least 8 hours of business intelligence-approved courses outside the MBA core. The main classes required might include Applied Data Mining and Data Visualization, both of which are required for this concentration.

The Entrepreneurship concentration includes 6000-level coursework outside the MBA core. These courses may include Managing Small Business and Growth, Social Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development, and Innovation.

The Fundraising Leadership concentration requires 9 hours of 6000-level courses outside the MBA core. Some of these classes may include Prospect Research and Proposal Writing, Technology and Marketing Trends in Fundraising, Major Gifts and Capital Campaigns, and Developing Annual Sustainability.

For the Organizational Development concentration, plan to take at least 8 hours of 6000-level courses outside the MBA core. These classes may include Spirituality and Values in Leadership, Organizational Change, Developing Leadership in Organizations, Innovation, Organizational Development and Consulting, and Organizational Theory and Design.

In the Human Capital concentration, you need at least 8 hours of 6000-level courses outside the MBA core. These may include: Spirituality and Values in Leadership, Organizational Change, HR and Managing people, Cross Cultural Management, Conflict Management and Negotiation, and Organizational Development and Consulting.

Accreditation in Kansas

Accreditation is one of the most important things for you to check as you are comparing MBA programs. Most universities have regional accreditation, while other programs have national accreditation.

Business schools and MBA programs seek to be accredited by national groups, such as the Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB). This accreditation is highly sought after, being given to less than 5% of business schools throughout the world. AACSB accreditation means that a school’s business program is of high quality, which is something incoming undergraduate and graduate students should check before they choose a program.

AACSB accreditation is only given once a business school has satisfactorily passed a rigorous internal review and evaluation. Any areas that fall short are corrected and adjusted, which can take from three to seven years. While the program is refining its program, it implements a plan that guides it toward meeting every AACSB standard, such as hiring highly qualified faculty.

If you are considering a program that doesn’t have accreditation, ask the Dean if it is working toward this hallmark. Even if they are working toward this, it may be a better idea to move on and find another program that has earned it’s accreditation, since there is no way to know when they will receive this important credential, and alumni of the school who graduate before they earn accreditation gain no benefit from future accreditation. This can reduce your chance of receiving offers and it may take extra months or more to find a job after graduation.

Top MBA Careers in Kansas

Here, you are required to lead the company’s entry into the Uniform CPA Examination test preparation market. You’re the point person for delivery and maintenance of a comprehensive plan for success and strategic development to improve test results for students working to become Certified Public Accountants.

In this position, you would be responsible for the delivery of a strategic plan, making improvements and implementing the changes that will guarantee growth, profitability and share gain for the certified measurement and monitoring instruments portfolio.

As the Development Project Manager, you work under the Director of Project Management. It’s your role to liaise between the Director and all parties involved in the pre-development and development phases for multifamily apartment buildings or other similar contracts.

In this position, you would work within the Corporate Strategy and Business Development Team. You will also advise the CEO and top leadership team. Your responsibilities include business unit strategy, corporate strategy and other responsibilities.

Working for a well-known household name, you would be responsible for a diverse range of marketing activities, such as developing effective advertising copy, performing business analysis, developing and implementing marketing plans and initiating and analyzing market research.

In this position, you would serve as an adjunct instructor for one MBA class (Business Intelligence). You would need to understand the principles, methods and current developments within this field and in professional practice. You would also implement various instructional strategies and skills needed to teach the course assigned to undergraduate, graduate, adult learners, and online students.