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MBA Concentrations

While all MBAs are designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of topics related to business, finance, and management, some programs frame coursework around a particular area of study. These are called concentrations. MBA programs with a concentration will have the same core coursework but offer students the opportunity to take classes in specialized sub-fields as well. These can include entrepreneurship and innovation, international business, strategic management, risk management, and more. Some of the most popular concentrations offered by colleges and universities in Maine include:


An MBA with this concentration offers professionals an opportunity to expand upon their understanding of core business concepts as they relate to accounting. Common coursework includes:

  • Management Accounting
  • Current Issues in Accounting
  • Taxation for Business and Investment Planning
  • Advanced Individual / Business Taxation
  • Financial Accounting


An MBA with this concentration provides engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to advance their career to the next level, open a consulting business, or start a similar company. Common coursework includes:

  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Micro Electromechanical Systems
  • Energy and Power Systems
  • Microelectronic Fabrication
  • Digital Image Processing

Business Analytics

An MBA with this concentration is intended to teach professionals how to create efficient business processes and accurately report on these processes by leveraging business data, which may be gathered from the community or the business’ site. Common coursework includes:

  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Information Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics

Health Management and Policy

An MBA with this concentration provides students with a broad understanding of healthcare in the United States, as well as financing structure, healthcare policy and social context (in terms of public policy and media), and potential opportunities and challenges for those in the field. Common coursework includes:

  • American Healthcare System
  • Quality Improvement
  • Social and Behavioral Foundations of Public Health
  • Health Law and Ethics
  • Public Health Policy


An MBA with this concentration teaches professionals the value of financial, environmental, and social performance factors as they relate to long term investment returns. Common coursework includes:

  • Sustainable Communities
  • Transportation Planning and Policy
  • Launching Sustainable Ventures
  • Socially Responsible Business and Marketing
  • Environmental Law

Accreditation in Maine

Accreditation is an important aspect to consider when selecting an MBA program. All colleges and universities can choose to undergo an accreditation process to validate their degree offerings. Choosing an accredited program means that the institution has provided proof that their MBA degree and the associated coursework adhere to certain guidelines. These guidelines are established by accreditation organizations. Each of these various organizations requires different things from the school in order for them to earn their credentials. Prominent international accreditation agencies include:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • The Association of MBAs (AMBA)
  • European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS)
  • The Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)

The AACSB is considered to be the most highly regarded accreditation organization. If you are interested in an online MBA program, however, it’s important to realize that this agency rarely accredits them. Instead, you can also look for a program that has been accredited by the DETC.

Colleges and universities can also choose to become accredited by regional organizations. Those who intend to seek employment in and around Maine can consider institutions with accredited MBAs through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Be sure not to skip the step of checking on a school’s certifications. Without this, your credits will not transfer and you may have trouble finding a position after you graduate.

Top MBA Careers in Maine

Because the knowledge and skills obtained through an MBA program are easily transferrable, there are countless career opportunities available for graduates in Maine. MBA holders should be able to find jobs in almost any industry, but work is often associated with business management and finance. Some of the top MBA careers in Maine include:

Financial managers are in charge of maintaining the overall financial health of a company or organization. They usually prepare financial reports, monitor financial details, direct investment activities, analyze market trends, and plan for long-term financial goals.

Financial analysts provide financial guidance to company or organization leaders in charge of making investment decisions. They often recommend investments, evaluate financial data, study economic and business trends, examine financial statements, and assess investment performance.

Human resource managers are responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating a company or organization’s administrative functions. They frequently oversee employee recruitment, conduct interviews, strategically plan for hiring protocols, and manage employee benefit programs.

Medical and health services managers work to oversee and enhance medical care facilities. They are responsible for developing departmental goals, ensuring legal compliance, managing finances, creating work schedules, recruiting staff members, and maintaining accurate records.

Sales managers are in charge of a company or organization’s sales team. They primarily set sales goals, resolve customer issues, monitor sales trends, project sales and profitability, analyze data, design training programs for staff members, prepare budgets, and determine discount rates.

Computer and information systems managers oversee a company or organization’s information technology projects. They usually make sure that projects stay on budget and are completed in a timely manner, as well as assist with security upgrades.