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MBA Concentrations

There are many paths to follow once you decide to search for a graduate school program that is designed to let you master the skills that can launch your career in whatever direction you choose. This is often done through concentrations that let students focus on what field they study. The breadth of concentrations business schools offer cannot be covered here but includes policy creation, human resources, business management, finance, operations management, organizational innovation, international business, business analytics, social impact, strategic management, info systems, and more. Even with options in all these areas, most students finish their required credits in a little over a year unless they choose a longer part-time program that covers the same content over a longer period. The MBA programs Massachusetts offers vary, but below are some of the most common in the state.


MBA students who want to run their own companies might consider an entrepreneurship specialization. This concentration will center around starting and running a business, financing such ventures, and developing effective business plans. It is also a useful concentration for those who plan to consult for startups and similar opportunities within their community.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management and administration is among the fastest-growing fields, and an aging population means that growth is likely to continue far into the future. This concentration gives students the specialized skill sets necessary for the management of such facilities, which offer a wide variety in terms of settings in which you could choose to work, though the main source of employment for alumni is larger hospitals and short-term care.

High Technology Management

Technology’s role in the corporate world continues to grow, and graduates with an MBA concentration in technology management can reap the benefits. It is also one of the more lucrative MBA fields, with candidates not only earning top dollar but finding their expertise in real demand worldwide.

International Management

This concentration prepares the MBA student for today’s globalized business world. In addition to management abilities, students enrolled in this concentration gain the skills needed for a career full of success in an international environment.


You can think of this concentration as the Green MBA. The future belongs to companies that are environmentally sustainable and can turn a profit. Such a concentration is also useful for a person who may deal with government environmental regulation requirements for their company over the course of their time working there.

Top MBA Careers in Massachusetts

The person in this role is responsible for increasing a company’s revenue through the identification and development of new business opportunities. The business development director is in charge of the company’s long-term goals and objectives, and also uses the latest technology to keep the company competitive.

The person in this position serves as a company’s chief accounting officer and reports to the organization’s CFO. In non-profit organizations or in government, this position is known as comptroller. The controller oversees budgets, payroll, financial data and tax preparation. If a company is publicly traded, the controller is responsible for filing public financial documents.

A financial advisor offers planning for all aspects of their clients’ lives, including retirement, investments, and life insurance. The advisor bases their recommendations on the client’s lifestyle and risk tolerance. Financial planning includes tax and estate considerations.

This person handles a company’s services or product worldwide. This includes developing company brands and conducting market research according to the local cultures. In some instances, the person in this role expands a company’s presence from national to international.

As a product manager, this person researches the needs of consumers or businesses and develops appropriate products. A product manager serves as the guiding force behind a product from the initial idea to its launch. The abilities to strategize and communicate are paramount. A project’s success or failure often falls on the shoulders of the project manager. Responsibilities include project development and execution, team management and keeping the project within budget.