Percentage of students enrolled in online programs in Mississippi

One in four students or about 5.8 million students across the US take at least one online course. Public schools lead in the category of online graduate students with 38.7% of the grad level distance learners. Private institutions have 61% of the graduate level distance learners, divided almost equally between private non-profit and private for-profit institutions. Approximately 2.8 million students take courses exclusively online.

MBA Concentrations for Mississippi Students

The state of Mississippi has a relatively small population, with about three million residents. It has an abundance of natural resources and a long tradition of commercial agriculture. The leading industries in Mississippi include manufacturing, farming, fishing, lumber, oil, and gas. About one-third of the state’s workforce performs agricultural or farming related work. Because of this, many MBA concentrations in Mississippi gravitate to farming and the leading industries.

While there are a myriad of possible specializations offered all over the country, including strategic planning, business analysis, and organizational development, the five most common MBA concentrations for Mississippi MBAs include business management, marketing, finance, human resources, and international business.


Marketing is a popular concentration for online MBA study. It supports agribusiness through branding, digital media, research, advertising, services, and products. MBA energy sector coursework focuses on strategy, planning, the global economy, and analytics.

Business Management

Business management often combines with other areas in agribusiness and energy such as information technology or information management. This concentration prepares graduates to work in mid to upper levels of corporate, entrepreneurial, and tech start-up environments as leaders of essential functions, processes, and systems all over the U.S.


Finance concentrations have high-income potential and revolve around financial services, financial institutions, equity, and investments. Agribusiness, oil, and gas involve global finance. Finance concentrations prepare graduates that wish to work in banking, finance, securities, and multinational finance where they are responsible for real decision making and staff at a specific office or site.

Human Resources

Human Resources is a high demand classification among employers and is very popular with students seeking a wide range of career and employment options. Mississippi has high growth sectors that rely on recruitment and retention. Nearly every business has at some point required strong human resource management.

International Business

International business studies prepare students for careers in multinational corporations, both in the US and abroad. The coursework content keeps its main focus on international aspects of business law, and accounting.

Accreditation in Mississippi

You likely know from earning your undergraduate degree that accreditation is an essential part of the acceptance and value of a completed degree of any kind. Accreditation is a guarantee that the school offers quality education. There are two types of accreditation. The first is institutional accreditation, which can either be regional or national. The accredited schools must prove that they meet standards set by an independent expert agency. The second type of accreditation is program accreditation. When providing program accreditation, the agency examines whether the curriculum and training will prepare the graduates for employment and further educational and professional development. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business provides program certification for online MBA programs. The association operates internationally in about 60 countries; employers, schools, and public authorities accept AACSB in many parts of the globe.

The AACSB is an authoritative accreditation agency and this organization accredits the leading Mississippi MBA programs listed in this report. Accreditation is both local to Mississippi and widely respected across the US. It provides the basis for international acceptance of an online MBA. In simple terms, it is the gold standard for business school accreditation.

Top MBA Careers in Mississippi

Agriculture is the dominant business sector in the state of Mississippi. The traditional concentrations connect to agriculture in the Mississippi job market. Marketing, economics, and management consulting occur within the framework of major farming businesses. MBAs can learn to manage activities in bioenergy, food processing, and transportation.

Logistics and supply chain are the lifeblood of many types of businesses. AnMBA with a concentration in supply chain management is an excellent point of entry into a core business professional area. Manufacturing, agribusiness, and oil and gas offer consistent high-level opportunities in supply management.

Business managers and analysts earn approximately $58,471 on average in Mississippi. The salary level is a medium rank in the national salary list for this profession, and there were job openings with leading companies like Delta Resources and L3 Technologies.

The average reported salary $82,781 which is a leading figure in this category on a national basis. There were job openings with Burger King, Five Guys Operations, LLC, and Garden Park Medical Center.

In an agriculture-based economy, some high tech sectors grow in lockstep, such as sustainability, green technology, and technological innovation. MBAs work in finance, management improvement, and energy policy.

Finance and equity firms play key roles in business and personal finance services. The MBA is a critical credential for entering finance employment with banks, hedge funds, and equity businesses. Financial services for individuals and families is a growing field.