Percentage of students enrolled in online programs in Missouri

MBA Concentrations

MBA graduates can reflect the growth sectors of the Missouri economy with their selection of business concentrations.

Human Resources Management

The shift in the Missouri economy away from manufacturing and toward service sector businesses and professional services will create additional demands for MBAs with human resource concentrations. Some Missouri business programs issue certificates for specializations while others use traditional concentrations. By either means, graduates that can demonstrate knowledge of human resources management will likely find a responsive job market.

Business Analytics and Data Management

Business intelligence is an emerging field with a vast potential for changing the ways organizations manage key functions. The increasing use of big data and data-driven decision making will create an increased demand for MBAs with concentrations in analytics. There will be an increased demand for thinkers that can synthesize and expertly analyze big data.


Concentrations in Finance have several directions. One direction leads to financial consulting and investment counseling. Another direction looks within organizations to manage fiscal affairs and ensure resources needed to meet the organization’s goals.

Public Administration and Public Policy

Concentrations in public administration and public policy often include healthcare, health insurance, and privacy. Public policy will also involve cybersecurity and data usage. Both public and private employers need staff members with a Master of Business Administration concentration. Private companies must work with government and international agencies and meet public compliance and reporting requirements.


Marketing is a technology and innovation driven sector. Marketing MBA concentrations focus on digital communications and managing digital platforms. Marketing has a global reach, and the global business environment requires a strong base in management functions and the ability to use creative thinking and problem-solving. Marketing offers many unique challenges that Masters of Business Admin programs can prepare you for.

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Why Accreditation Needs to be a Factor?

Accreditation is an important element of online academic MBA programs in Missouri. The accreditation is an assurance to employers, educators, and all other reviewers that the school and program meet the expected, high standards. The US Department of Education and the Higher Learning Council review and approve accreditation agencies. The national system consists of regional authorities that cover a specific group of states. Missouri is in the large middle-America region and the Higher Learning Council is the accreditation agency for Missouri educational institutions.

There are two types of accreditation; they are the institutional accreditation and program accreditation. The best choices for Missouri applicants are schools that have national, regional, and program accreditation. Institutional accreditation reviews the entire college or University and all its major parts. The overall rating may point out strengths and weaknesses, but the accreditation is an important form of guarantee that the students receive a quality education. Program accreditation is a specialized form of review and certification by an agency dedicated to a particular field of study. For example, the AACSB is the leading accreditation agency for MBA programs.

Top MBA Careers in Missouri

MBAs prepare students for organizational leadership roles. These include the chief technology officers, operating officers, communications, and planning.

Sales are the lifeblood of many private sector businesses. Managing sales and consumer engagement is no longer just traditional advertising. Today it involves social media, digital communications, and technological innovations.

As the manufacturing sector recedes and the services sector advances, the demand for MBAs in finance will increase. Organizations depend on internal finance officers for critical functions related to budget, resources, and planning. Finance is an essential part of the services that businesses can provide to other businesses and to the public.

Business intelligence is an emerging field and big data continues as a major area of growth for a wide variety of private sector firms.

Healthcare businesses have a consistent presence throughout the state, and medical services is a growth sector in Missouri.

Public policy is a strong area for MBA trained employees. They have a solid all-around knowledge base in management and organizational behavior. They have decision-making skills that the social and community development sector requires. These positions include managing non-profit organizations.