MBA Concentrations

Concentrations allow students to gain more knowledge in a specific field while enhancing their MBA. Rather than just getting an MBA, you can go even further and get an MBA in administration, or an MBA in healthcare, business analytics, law or legal studies, business statistics, international business, and more found throughout the U.S. Adding concentrations to your college course educational plan, not only will put you ahead of your competition but will increase your chances of landing a high-level position, as employers find it impressive that you chose to go the extra mile when it wasn’t required. Some of the most common areas for specialization in Nebraska include the following.



If you choose a marketing concentration to get an MBA in marketing, you will qualify for many high-level employment positions that pay top wages and have great benefits. One of the career opportunities that this MBA can open the doors to is an advertising and promotions marketing manager. With a marketing MBA, you will be responsible for overseeing promotional campaigns for products and services, creating surveys, banner and print ads designed for the campaign, while collaborating with designers, graphic artists, and sales representatives to boost profits and gain recognition. Other positions include sales manager, market research analyst, and executive positions, just to name a few.


Some important concentrations that you might choose when earning an MBA are advanced accounting and management, tax policy, and financial management. These can be taken in combination to achieve your goals in the accounting industry.


In addition to the traditional courses required to achieve an MBA, concentrations such as business investing, global investing, personal investment advisor, IPO processing, and consumer investing can earn you an employment opportunity as a financial advisor or another prestigious executive management job working for major investment firms and top corporations around the world.

Information Systems

This concentration can prepare you for a slate of executive management roles, network administration, security, crucial database business maintenance, information systems, and more. Those undergraduates who incorporate information systems concentrations into their MBA plan are primed for top opportunities as an Executive Manager, CTO, CIO, or other.

Business Management / e-Business Management

The business administration program is one of the most popular concentrations among students. Business management concentrations include e-business, executive organization, business management ethics, and the like. Alumni with these concentrations can get you considered for a job as a CEO for major corporations, where you will receive top wages.

Top MBA Careers in Nebraska

Basic annual salary of $44,000 to $82,000

Primarily, Financial Analysts work behind a desk all day and often put in overtime. They are responsible for implementing cost control activities, organizing departments for efficiency, examining data sets and documents, reporting conclusions to their superiors for appropriate judgments, internal and inventory controls, standard cost setting, analyses, forecasts, and budgets. These financial experts must be able to endure high stress and be very keen while possessing critical thinking skills to compute copious amounts of information while taking on multiple projects. Although some companies may hire individuals with an associate’s degree for this position, higher paying jobs prefer that you have a bachelor’s or Master’s in finance, economics, business administration, or the like.

Basic annual salary of $63,000 to $84,000

It is a Private Client Advisor’s (PCA’s) job to provide wealthy clients — who may have sophisticated and complex investment needs — with expert opinions and advice by delivering successful planning, depository and credit services, management of specialized assets, and other full-service financial management and investment planning strategies. It is important for a PCA to be trustworthy and knowledgeable in all phases of finance and investment services as well as adhere to and understand bank laws, policies, programs, and SEC/FINRA regulations. Thus, the PCA is mainly responsible for wealth management, and growth emphasizing on business development, both external and internal, investing assets, and broadening the scope of the client relationship.

Basic annual salary of $56,000 to $112,000

Human resource directors manage the human resource (HR) department; lead the HR team; oversee staff operations; regulate, administer, and develop company policies and procedures, such as corrective actions, maternity leave, and bereavement. They also create budgets and develop business planning fundamentals while guiding the departments' overall activities. Generally, they report to the CEO or another executive staff leader, while serving as advocates to maintain consistent and fair interactions of employees and the company, as well as ensuring the compliance of federal and state regulations and concerns, employee relations, and improving employee performance. In addition, HR directors are responsible for business planning, staff operations, hiring, training, and firing employees. HR directors must maintain strict confidentiality at all times, have strong leadership, organizational, communication skills, good judgment, and integrity. Typically, a bachelor’s degree might be sufficient for employment, however, most company’s would rather you have a master’s degree.

Basic annual salary of $55,000 to $94,000

This position requires that you work with higher management and location personnel to maintain and manage a business by ensuring the service delivery and business functions run smoothly. The general operation manager oversees the processes of delivered and shipped inventory, the cleanliness and safe maintenance of a location, and is also responsible for cash deposits and store budgets. They generally manage supervisory, personnel staff, and employees by establishing promotions, hiring, firing, implementing training programs, controlling benefits and wages, as well as maintaining safe working environments while improving company policies. General Managers’ report to corporate and regional managers and may assist them with strategies to improve the company’s future development. Because this position requires you to interact with customers and their concerns, it is important to have strong customer service and problem-solving skills.

Basic annual salary of $54,000 to $103,000

The job of a Project Manager is to direct and support a project team while overseeing specific company projects. This position requires strategic development, planning, budgeting, and resource negotiating to achieve project goals. The Project Manager is also responsible for providing problem-solving solutions, documenting, coordinating, and assigning tasks to the project team. Thus, they may also report to stakeholders on progress. If there is a senior project manager, they will report to him or her. This job will typically involve being in an office environment half the time while spending the other half doing field work managing projects. Being a project manager takes strong problem solving, organizational, communication, and leadership skills and at least a bachelor’s degree is required for employment, although having an MBA is preferred.

Basic annual salary of $42,000 to $82,000

The Digital Marketing Manager will lead a team of digital marketers and utilize digital marketing techniques to develop, organize, and complete company-marketing projects, thereby raising awareness of products or services. In doing so, they must create and coordinate online campaigns and hold marketing events in all digital and social media platforms while ensuring the digital space advertising techniques and strategies used are effective and efficient to promote and deliver brand loyalty and increase sales, satisfaction, and awareness.

In order to establish positive company growth, the Digital marketing manager will manage multiple projects, oversee all phases of digital communication with clients and customers, lead website development, track growth, build and supervise strong teams between departments to collaborate effectively, and maintain up-to-date information and analytic reports for higher management. The holder of this position must possess expert knowledge of the digital marketplace, e-commerce, and reasonable understanding of internet standards and regulations. It is also necessary to have technical and SEO abilities to develop and maintain recognition of the company’s online brand. Other skills necessary to fulfill these job duties are communication, organization, and strong leadership. The digital marketing manager reports to the marketing department president. A Master’s in marketing is preferred; however, those with a bachelor’s degree may also be considered for this position.