Percentage of students enrolled in online programs in North Carolina

MBA Concentrations

Concentrations are especially important for students who are looking to advance in a specific direction in their career. While the general MBA can provide courses for academic skill development for any professional in nearly any main industry, a specialization is designed to help you apply what you learn to current events and advancements in your specific line of work. An online MBA program, from any business school in the U.S., allows you to access content that will make you successful without adding extra requirements for admission, cost, or much extra time. Whether you’re attending part- or full-time, you can earn your MBA online and specialize in business strategy, human resources, international business, public policy, and more. Don’t skip the step of considering focusing your studies with a concentration. Below are some concentrations available in North Carolina.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers must master finance, accounting, and marketing. They must have real communications skills to work with personnel inside and outside of the organization.


The marketing concentration proceeds from a solid base in organizational structure and management to include modern methods for reaching audiences both domestically and in the global economy. The emphasis on a broad knowledge base and creative thinking is essential to this concentration.


Finance and financial services are growing business sectors in the North Carolina economy. There are two layers to financial consulting; one is a public facing service and the other is an essential organizational component that offers suggestions and helps shape budget and spending decisions.

Organizational Management

The basis of the MBA is gaining required management and administration skills. MBA programs equip graduates to work in a wide range of business environments and make decisions that will improve the organization’s performance and move towards achieving organizational goals.

Sales Management

Sales management goes far beyond the traditional reach of advertising and promotion. Sales management involves staff management, Internet technology, social media, digital communications, and data analytics. The MBA in sales management must take technology and technological innovation into account, the reach of the market is the reach of the Internet, and the global economy creates both opportunities and severe challenges.

Accreditation in North Carolina

Accreditation is an essential part of an MBA program. Accreditation agencies help employers appreciate the value of the MBA degree. There are two types of accreditation; national accreditation that looks at the entire institution and regional or program accreditation that looks specifically at the Online graduate MBA program. National accreditation has broader standards than program accreditation, and it weighs research schools, non-research schools, and for-profit institutions equally. Regional accreditation focuses on research institutions. There are six accreditation agencies recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the leading accreditation agency for MBA programs.

The importance of this credential is also felt by those who are still in class and learning as well. Accredited institutions have been vetted for their course material and faculty. Also, if you attend an unaccredited program, you will not be eligible to easily transfer credit hours or receive federal financial aid. These are important things to remember when choosing a program that could last 18 months to a full three years beyond your undergraduate degree.

Top MBA Careers in North Carolina

Construction managers must have a solid knowledge base in business structures and processes, combined with an intimate knowledge of construction methods, engineering, contract administration, and finance. Construction is a consistent growth business in North Carolina, as its major population centers show consistent growth and modernization. Construction includes residential structures, commercial structures, and vital infrastructures like bridges, tunnels, high-speed transit systems, and highways.

Finance is a key to success for nearly every organization. Finance deals with the means to carry out the organization’s processes and functions. Finance often involves complex issues of investment, acquisitions, and economic conditions. Financial managers can rise to the top levels of organizations of all sizes because finance is part of nearly every important organizational event.

Purchasing is a crucial area for nearly every corporation or business of any substantial size. Procurement not only gets the goods, services, and materials that a business needs, it must also be efficient and mesh with supply chain management and logistics. Purchasing organizations often have departmental divisions that handle particular classes or types of purchasing. The Director of purchasing takes a broad and comprehensive view involving budgets, markets, and the ongoing needs of the organization. The MBA prepares graduates to work in a wide variety of purchasing environments.

Marketing campaigns are an essential part of organizations efforts to boost sales and business volume. Marketing includes social media and digital marketing in addition to traditional types of outreach and communications. Today, marketing involves strategies to reach local, regional, national, and foreign markets around the globe. This position requires a broad knowledge of management and organizational structures and creative thinking to invent and improve marketing and branding continuously.