Percentage of Ohio Students Enrolled in Online Programs

MBA Concentrations for Ohio Schools

Distance learners looking for an online MBA in Ohio can choose from a range of concentrations, from information technology and strategy to more standard specializations including finance, economics, international business, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Even a traditional MBA student, who only takes classes in core fundamentals, will leave their program in a little over a year with skills that can plug into just about any organization and lead just about any team.

However, given Ohio’s current economic makeup, students who specialize in healthcare or information systems can stand to benefit big-time.


Because Ohio is home to a booming healthcare industry, an MBA with a concentration in healthcare administration is a valuable asset. This program provides a deep dive into the US healthcare system, from finance to law and policy. Here, you’ll prepare for a role on the business side of the health system and can expect to find work on site in a hospital, health organization, or an insurance company.

Information Systems

MBA students seeking another lucrative path may want to consider information systems. This concentration explores the convergence of IT and business. Here, you’ll learn more about maintaining, implementing, and upgrading networks. Students may find work as corporate managers, strategists, or consultants—and it may be a good option for students with a background in IT who want to take the next step in their career and center it on management.


While some concentrations limit earning potential when compared to a traditional MBA, finance is something of an exception. This concentration is ideal for candidates who wish to pursue professions like financial analyst, finance manager, or CFO and will prepare students for work in just about any industry.

Business Analytics

The business analytics concentration is designed to help students make decisions based on understanding large sets of data. Data science has become a powerful competitive tool, increasingly valuable in a business setting. Those students who choose this specialization are likely to have a wide range of opportunities upon graduation, as this combination of analytical skills and a background in business, finance, and economics stands to be a valuable asset for any organization.

Human Resources

An online MBA with a human resources concentration is a great option for students looking to level up within the HR profession. In this program, students will learn more about employee relations, organizational development, performance management, and more.

Executive MBA

An executive MBA is a program aimed at working professionals with at least five years of management experience. Often confused for a traditional MBA, the executive MBA is best for upper management professionals that need an MBA for a promotion, a salary increase, or a wider range of opportunities.

Careers for MBAs in Ohio

As mentioned above, an MBA is a degree with options. MBA grads can easily find work in a wide range of industries, though many end up in a position that deals with business management or finance. For more of an idea of the work MBAs do post-graduation, here are a few job descriptions with info that should paint a better picture.

Financial analysts look at financial data by collecting and monitoring finances and identifying opportunities to cut costs or increase return on investment (ROI). This person might work for a company or as an independent consultant. In either case, your job is to help an organization come up with a plan for financial success.

A business development director is responsible for all strategic operations that fall under the marketing and customer service umbrella. In this role, you’ll be responsible for increasing revenue by generating leads and coming up with strategic plans to gain business by penetrating new markets and finding new ways to drive profits.

Chief financial officers or CFOs report to the CEO of an organization and oversee all things finance. In this role, you’ll be responsible for mitigating financial risks, forecasting, and reporting data to the C suite. The primary goal of the CFO is to develop an organization’s financial well-being. Here, they’ll keep on top of the latest regulations, identify problem areas and investment opportunities, and develop action plans aimed at boosting an organization’s bottom line.

A brand manager plans, develops, and directs marketing efforts to boost the value of a specific brand. This person is focused on the big picture and will likely lead a marketing staff while looking at other factors like positioning, image, and profit and loss.

Brand managers typically work under a CMO, so this might be a good fit for a fresh MBA grad with some marketing experience. They’ll function as the point person for executives—and will meet with clients, staff, and leadership to discuss goals and strategy.

The person should possess business savvy, analytical skills, and the ability to multitask.

Accreditation in Ohio

Online MBAs have a considerable range when it comes to quality and reputation. Unfortunately, looking for an online degree complicates the matter, as you’ll likely be inundated with ads for unaccredited, for-profit schools. Your best bet is to look for established institutions, universities, and colleges that have a physical presence, and from there, do your due diligence.

Accredited schools must prove that their degrees and the courses within the curriculum meet a specific set of standards. Organizations like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) the Association of MBAs (AMBA) and others provide accreditation. However, the AACSB is the most reputable of the lot.

The AACSB does not offer accreditation to all of Ohio’s online MBA programs, but a few programs do have the designation. This should make it relatively easy to find a top-quality, online MBA with class sessions that fit your schedule and which aligns with your career plans.