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MBA Concentrations for Students

Your MBA concentration is not unlike your undergraduate major. It’s the area on which you center the most attention and the most credit-hours. You might choose a concentration that fits your current career path, or one that will help you launch into a new path or industry. Each program offers its own set of concentrations and no two concentrations are identical. Make sure that you don’t skip researching your favorite school’s approach to their concentrations before delving in. Some concentrations available across the country include entrepreneurship and innovation, public policy, human resources, strategic planning, business analytics, and more. You can also choose an accelerated program to get you through the regular MBA or a focused one more quickly. Below are some specializations offered in South Carolina to help graduates earn jobs in the state.

International Business

Business is increasingly dependent on the global economy for sourcing materials and labor. Your firm may also want to export its wares to Asia, Europe, or Latin America. When you focus on international business, you will be prepared to implement effective supply-chain operations, foreign marketing strategies, and more. Your knowledge of foreign business might even help you invest your firm’s equity in international financial markets. Since this concentration encompasses a broad scope of business practices, investigate where you would next like to focus your energies. For instance, you could perhaps choose between international marketing, finance, or supply chain to name a few.


Whether your firm’s specialty lies in real goods, info, or services, those products need to be sold to the people who need them. A specialty in marketing will strengthen your ability to read the trends in terms of consumer buying or forecast need for consulting services. Every part of your business’ organization is important, but those parts that generate revenue are perhaps the most important. With a focus on marketing, you can work for nearly any company in any industry. Further, you could set up shop as an independent marketing consultant and help others hone their approach to sales.


Managing money can be as important as making it. Finance executives know how to take income and invest it in ways that help defer taxation, expand the bottom line, and build more possibilities for the future. As a finance professional, you could also work on acquiring smaller companies that have valuable assets, or you might work on managing the most equitable merger deal. Those who focus on finance often find themselves working in investment banking, consulting, or as financial planners to wealthy individuals.


If you majored in accounting in college and are considering moving forwards to attain your CPA license, an MBA that focuses on that field will be enormously helpful. Not only will your graduate-level accounting courses carry more weight with the Accounting Board, but your other coursework will round out your knowledge of the business world. That is, the core curriculum in your program will open a window into parts of business with which you might not have much familiarity. Once you put MBA/CPA on your resume, you will be imminently hireable.

Corporate Communications

Business is nothing if not a system of relationships. Relationships rely on communication as their core currency. Thus, when you focus on corporate communications, you will have a full working knowledge of the supporting ligature inside every transaction in your firm. You can craft internal memos, letters to shareholders, and even coordinate various issues facing the HR department. Experts in corporate communication also help conduct interviews, manage public relations events, and help guide their organizations with clear, concise communication.

Top MBA Careers in South Carolina

When you graduate with your MBA, you’ll find that employers are dying to sign you up. Your focus area will prime you for success in your chosen field. While MBAs succeed in so many areas of business, here is a sample of six top career choices South Carolina online MBA students have made:

An MBA is virtually required to pursue a career in investment banking. If you entered the field from college, you probably worked for two or three years as an analyst. Now that you've proven your worth, an MBA will propel you into the Associate's position. If you continue on your successful path from there, you might even land in a Managing Director's chair. Whether you're putting together private placements, managing mergers, or working an Initial Public Offering, you're going to love your career.

In this position, you may be asked to wear many hats. You could find yourself managing a crisis when your product is implicated in an accident. You could also create and distribute press releases while managing the roll-out of a new marketing campaign. Other possible duties include collaborating in internal documents that detail policies and procedures or maintaining, editing, or otherwise managing any internal company blog or newsletter. In today's multimedia landscape, there are many options for you to exploit as a communications professional.

If you focus on marketing in your MBA studies, you might land a position as a brand manager. Such a position would entail you devising a personality, or brand, for your firm's products. You might collaborate with the advertising and communications professionals your company employs to ensure that your specific brand receives the precise handling it needs to maintain its identity in the marketplace.

Not every MBA strives to build and protect a large corporation. Some put their primary focus on individuals and individual financial portfolios. With an MBA to your name, you are bound to attract top-notch clients who rely on your expertise to protect and grow their wealth portfolio. Depending on the size of the estate you are working with, you could find yourself working with very complex financial instruments that demand an MBA's knowledge and expertise.

Operations managers make sure the company works. If you love working with logistics, this could be perfect for you. Your essential job will be to reduce waste and inefficiencies in the operation. Some operations managers work to manage how raw materials enter and are handled through the firm's processes. Since those materials are a large part of production cost, your ability to streamline how they are handled is of utmost importance.

While this is still a burgeoning field, if you are adept at assessing large volumes of numbers and determining the patterns within, this could be a great place to make a lasting mark. To prepare for this field, you might focus your MBA work on statistics courses, IT, and management information systems. This is a deep field that may even require further study.Once you start assessing the scope of this position, you are sure to figure out how to best proceed.