As Utah’s communities continue to boom, the state’s academic facilities are more than able to keep up with the rising needs of educating a growing population.

Local students can enjoy reduced tuition costs at some of the state’s most prestigious schools, including some that offer online MBA programs. Utah’s low cost of living makes it an attractive option for graduate students looking to build a home in a state with ample opportunities, that won’t drain their bank accounts.

Online students looking to get their MBA in Utah will have several choices, all of which offer their own attractive features. The University of Utah offers an online program that’s considered to be among the top choices in the nation for MBA students. Western Governors University may be a good option for students looking to make a quick career change, offering a six-month MBA program with no GMAT requirement.

No matter your future business career goals, earning an online MBA in Utah may be a great place to start.

Percentage of Students Enrolled in Online Programs in Utah

MBA Concentrations for Students

An MBA concentration allows a student to focus on a specific subject or discipline over the course of earning their degree. These can include universally applicable topics like marketing, finance, or information technology, as well as industry-specific studies like healthcare administration or agribusiness.

Below are two examples of programs that could be particularly beneficial in Utah’s current job climate.

Supply Chain Management

An advanced understanding of how supply chains work can help Utah MBA graduates find a job in many of the state’s top industries. It covers topics like sourcing, procurement, and fulfillment.It gives students a grasp of the logistics involved in running a successful business based on the purchase, sale, and distribution of material goods.


This concentration gives students the information they need to start their own business in today’s fickle economy. An online MBA in entrepreneurship teaches students how to think outside the box and utilize previously untapped resources to reach business success, as well as how to turn your passion into ideas and action.

Choosing a concentration in your online MBA program can give you the boost you need to succeed in your future business career.

Careers for MBAs in Utah

As a health services manager, MBA graduates will oversee the daily operations of running a healthcare organization (or a department within a larger facility). This usually includes handling issues pertaining to policy, administration, staffing, training, and overall patient satisfaction. They also look for ways to streamline billing and patient care issues, and work with their team to find solutions.

IT systems managers are responsible for coordinating, implementing, and maintaining a functioning computer network within their organization. They can work to identify IT related goals for the company going forward and advise management on how to best reach them.

Management analysts study company data and identify ways to maximize efficiency within the flow of operations. They may work on a consulting basis or may be hired on staff to keep tabs on the operational and financial sustainability of the company that employs them.

The role of a finance manager is to make sure their company stays on track to meet fiscal goals. They find ways to improve or sustain the overall health of their organization and may create financial reports to share with C-suite executives and shareholders.

A purchasing manager’s job is to keep tabs on all things inventory related within their company. They plan, coordinate, and execute their place in the supply chain, and oversee purchasing staff working beneath them.