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MBA Concentrations for Students

Concentrations are a focus you can add to your MBA, similar to the way you could have a concetration or specialization when you earned your bachelor’s degree. These are designed to allow students to master specific academic content that they can apply to specific positions and industries in their professional life. Some of these available across the country include business economics, law and legal studies, strategic planning, and more. Some of the main MBA programs West Virginia has offer the specializations seen below. Even if these aren’t what you are looking for, there’s no reason to skip over the possibility that there is a concentration out there for you.


A master’s in finance will enable you to manage the financial operations of any sized business, work in the banking industry, or become the chief financial officer (CFO) of a major corporation.

Information Technology Management

With a master’s in IT management you will oversee the entire information technology department of a corporation or business. For example, hospitals rely on computer systems to keep every aspect of their operation running smoothly and security events must be dealt with swiftly.

Healthcare Administration

Healthcare administrators are needed to oversee the entire business end from employees to supply orders in facilities ranging from hospitals to medical centers to assisted living facilities.

Public Health

Public health administrators are relied on in federal, state, county, and city health facilities to keep their operations running smoothly.

Human Resources Management

Every business has employees, and large companies and corporations rely on human resource departments to manage all aspects of employment. The HR manager is also tasked with making sure the company is in compliance with state and federal employment laws as well as mediating negative social interactions within the company.

Accreditation in West Virginia

One of the most important considerations in choosing your MBA school is to verify it is accredited. In West Virginia, accreditation is overseen by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) which is the regional division of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). Although regional accreditation is voluntary, it is the national standard for educational institutions. Online schools are most often accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Another accrediting agency you might look for is the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Accreditation has another important aspect. Most federal grants and scholarships require enrollment in an accredited school. These programs verify the quality of the faculty, curriculum, and more. You also won’t be able to transfer credit hours to a different program if the first isn’t accredited. If you’re confused by the accreditation of your school of choice a quick check with the HLC should give you the information you need before you enroll. If you get confused by the acronyms, do an online search to verify it is a reputable organization.

Top MBA Careers in West Virginia

Provide oversight for an entire corporation or company, formulates policies, and reports to the board of directors. They direct, plan, and coordinate all operations within a business.

Coordinate, direct, and plan the buying division within a company. May oversee purchasing agents, buyers, and similar employees that purchase services, products, or materials for retail or wholesale use within the business.

Oversee all aspects of a company's communications including system analysis, electronic data processing, computer programming, and information systems. May be charged with updating programs and overseeing computer system security within the network.

Recommend financial and investment plans to private clients using knowledge of strategies, insurance, securities, real estate, and pension plans. Help clients' cash flow while promoting growth of assets and investments while minimizing tax liabilities.

Coordinate, plan, and direct health and medical services in clinics, hospitals, and managed care businesses as well as public health agencies and larger assisted living facilities.

Oversee the operations within a private or public business. May formulate policies, plan the best uses of human resources and materials, and manage the daily operations not covered under a specific administrative area.