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MBA Concentrations for Wisconsin Students

Concentrations are a lot like choosing a major for an undergraduate program. While you will still take the main courses you would expect to find in an MBA program, you will also take courses with content that focuses your knowledge of a niche professional role or a core industry. For instance, some specializations available throughout the country include business analytics, public policy, and international business. Of course, these are not necessary, but it would be unwise to skip over considering a concentration if you know where you want to be in the industry in 10 years. It might be just the thing to get you there.


This program will focus on corporate investments, portfolio management, business regulations and laws, operations, and other aspects of a business’s cash flow. As an alumi from an MBA in Finance program you can also advise individuals on their assets and cash investments.

Healthcare Management

With this specialty, you’ll oversee the overall operations in a healthcare setting such as a hospital, clinic, nursing home, or assisted living facility; you may be in charge of the entire operation or a certain department within a large corporation.

Hospitality Management

With this focus, you’ll direct business aspects of a company within the tourism industry such as hotels, theme parks, casinos, and outdoor adventure resorts. You’ll learn about customer service, problem solving, and other aspects vital to the smooth operation of a fluctuating business.

Human Resource Management

In this specialty, you’ll manage recruitment, hiring, and maintaining personnel within a large company. An HR manager is also required to uphold the company’s ethical and legal standards for things such as taxation and compensation.

Management Information Systems

With this MBA, you’ll oversee the entire computer system within a corporation including maintenance, purchasing, and security. May also specialize in a specific industry such as healthcare.

Supply Chain Management

With this concntration, you’ll manage the logistics of keeping a supply chain running smoothly with a focus on marketing, technology, data analysis, and finance within the manufacturing sector.

Accreditation in Wisconsin

One of the first things to consider when researching MBA programs is accreditation. An accredited school has met national and regional standards and is a requirement for scholarships and grants. This credentialing process verifies the quality of the faculty, curriculum, and more. It also allows you to transfer credits if you decide to switch from one program to another.

In Wisconsin, regional accreditation is awarded by the Higher Learning Commission. There are also three organizations that specifically accredit business programs, and earning a degree with one of these three programmatic accreditations can give you an edge when you’re applying for positions:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE)
  • Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP)
Company Industry Headquarters City Number of Employees
University of Wisconsin (group) Education Madison 34,464
16,000+14,464 (two facilities) Menard Inc. Retail Eau Claire 10,000
Epic Computer Software Verona 9,700
UW University Hospital Healthcare Madison 7,447
Theda Care Inc. Healthcare Management Appleton 6,000
Kohl's Corporation Retail Menomonee Falls 5,500

Top MBA Careers in Wisconsin

coordinate the movement or distribution of a service or product line; supervise the sales and distribution chain. Analyze sales trends and demographics to project future needs and goals of the sales department of a business or retail operation.

provide overall policies and direction of a company, private business, or public organization by planning and directing the operation of the business. The chief executive reports to the board of directors of a corporation.

oversee the financial actions of a business or plan investments and growth of a company's assets.

in charge of the communication system within a business or corporation including hiring and supervision of employees as well as the purchase, maintenance, and security of the computer systems.

oversee the programs and policies of the marketing division within a company; develop pricing in relation to profits in order to maximize market share of products. May also oversee product development and project future needs.

oversee all aspects of the employment division within a company including interviewing, hiring, and training of employees as well as ensuring the legal paperwork and other requirements are met.