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MBA Concentrations for Students

Concentrations are for your MBA the way your major was for your bachelor’s degree. They include courses that are designed to prepare you for a specific industry or niche position by helping you master the required skills before you end up in charge of people on a construction site or in an office. Some of the various concentrations available across the country include strategic planning, law and legal studies, data analysis, public policy, and more. For specializations in Wyoming, the local industries are featured so that graduates have a chance to master the skills that will give them the greatest edge in the local economy.

The Wyoming state economy is strong industry center for construction, manufacturing, mining, mineral extraction, oil, and gas. Forestry and agriculture are slightly smaller but long-established industries. In the tourism arena; fishing, hunting, and natural attractions dominate the hospitality industry.

  • Energy is a major sector of the Wyoming economy. An MBA with a concentration in energy can stand alone or combine with other degrees such as engineering or technology.
  • Agribusiness is a large global business for Wyoming, as its agricultural products and natural resources have vast international markets. Agribusiness leaders need to go beyond the organization, management, and supply chain side of agricultural production to understanding international trade and foreign cultures.
  • Finance includes accounting, financial analysis, and financial instruments. Corporate internal financing is the vital lifeblood of capital-intensive businesses like metals, mineral extraction, and energy production. On a public-facing basis, this field includes wealth management, investment strategies, and financial counseling.
  • Conservation and sustainability involve a business’s social and legal obligations to promote the preservation of natural resources and reduction of waste. Sustainable businesses increase profitability by reducing wastes and the associated economic and social costs of waste and pollution.
  • Hospitality management combines a broad knowledge base in business and management with coursework that focuses on tourism, marketing, and hotels and accommodations. Nationally, hospitality maintains a healthy growth rate; in Wyoming, the natural beauty and rare wonders are a constant source of tourism both from the US and internationally.

Top MBA Careers in Wyoming

Operations are the day-to-day business of a corporation or other entity. Management of all the organization's parts and interactions requires a strong base in management and organization. While much of the learning is hands-on, on the job training, the MBA prepares graduates to adapt to a wide range of business situations quickly.

The finance field is a growth sector in the Wyoming economy. Financial analysis supports nearly every organizational function. Wyoming has a heavy concentration of oil and gas exploration; the state also has a vigorous mining and mineral extraction industry that includes uranium. These capital-intensive industries require financing expertise and are major employers of MBAs with finance concentrations. The duties range from budgeting to investments and financial market forecasts.

Marketing Management is traditional advertising and far more. Marketing efforts today must extend to the furthest reach of the market, including global markets. Duties include marketing strategies, digital communications, and customer relations systems.

Human resources management must work to attract and retain top talent. The human resources professional is a key member of the management team, and their role keeps the existing workforce intact, but also creates person power for new projects and lines of business.

These highly trained MBAs manage activities related to exports, imports, and export markets. These include overseeing export transactions, US government compliance, international compliance, and international finance.

An MBA with a concentration in hospitality management prepares graduates to be hospitality industry managers and leaders. Tourism is a growth sector in Wyoming and the demand for highly trained leadership should grow in the years to come.