Pursuing an MBA at a university or college is an expensive and time-consuming process. Even the time you spend trying to search for the best private or public school with online or traditional campus graduate programs, requesting info on student support or their resource center, researching faculty and coursework or academics, getting the facts on possible access to alumni, credit hours, financial aid and finally working up the courage to apply can take what seems like forever before you even start your classes. However, graduates find the payoff, in the form of success in your professional life can be great, especially if you choose a major in the right field.

In the context of an accounting program, many people might not consider an MBA right off the bat. There are other options like going for a master’s accounting degree and pursuing a CPA license. But, an MBA with an accounting concentration can be a great way to boost your earnings potential, as well and get you the corporate career you're looking for. And, it could come with a broader range of employment opportunities, putting you ahead of other professionals in the field.