Online MBA Resources

GRE Prep Guide

More students are preparing for MBA school or graduate school, which requires an entry test like the GRE.

MBA Scholarships

Students today can attend graduate school on campus in traditional classrooms and lecture halls, or they can attend some or all their courses online.

Additional MBA Resources

Embarking on an MBA program is a big decision that affects your work, your home life, your personal life and more. Having the right resources at your fingertips can help make this transition easier. As an MBA is an advanced degree, it takes more attention and care for premium success.

From study tips for the GMAT to admissions advice, there is a lot that goes into an MBA. Not only do you need good preparation prior to starting your MBA, but you also need support and resources during and after your program to ensure maximum success.

Join organizations, get scholarships, learn how to write papers effectively and listen to podcasts and read blogs to get the full benefit of your MBA.

Some of our favorite resources include:


The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is the owner and operator of the GMAT, an exam that allows business schools to compare candidates and who will succeed in MBA programs. Used in over 2100 schools, the GMAT is the standard for MBA admissions. The GMAC website has information about taking the GMAT, studying for the GMAT, and then a ton of other tips and resources for succeeding in business school.


The AACSB is an accrediting body upholding the standards of business curriculum across the globe. Some of their institutions include renowned business schools such as W.P. Carey and American University. Their website has a host of information about the accreditation process, what to look for in a school and also a comprehensive list of all accredited business schools, both in the United States and beyond.


If you haven’t seen this, you are missing out. Grammarly, while not perfect, will help you get your papers in tip-top shape before you turn them in. Superior to the Word tool, this system will help you get your writing back to the graduate level in no time.

Google Docs

You no longer need to get Word and Office as a new student, although they may still be required in some cases. But to get started, you can do everything you need to within the Google Docs system. Even better, you can collaborate in real-time with team members when you are working on a joint project.


If you are not already on LinkedIn, then this is a must as an MBA student. There are groups to join, discussions to be had and so much more. Get a profile started and connect with classmates, professors and even your future boss as you use the networking capabilities of this social media platform to their full potential.