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MBA Concentrations

A general MBA suits you well if you’re going to work in a role where you’re responsible for a wide range of tasks. However, if you’re going to work in a job that requires that you have specialized knowledge, then you need to take specializations or concentration courses. Concentrations allow you to focus on one particular aspect of business on top of your core classes including marketing, information systems, or business analytics.

Bio-innovation and Entrepreneurship

This blends two business interests. Bio-innovation centers on identification, commercialization, and dissemination of new biological technologies, models, and concepts.


This specialization makes it easier for you to strike out on your own and start a business. If you want to make a real plan to start your own business and make it grow to the point that it competes with other companies, this concentration is for you. You’ll learn how to write a business plan for funding, about the legal issues that could slow or stop your business, you’ll learn about quality web development to allow you to develop a site and a presence on the internet, and you’ll learn how to communicate with venture capitalists should they approach you.

Project Managers

These professionals are trusted with overseeing the property, personnel, and financial resources of their office and their employer’s larger projects. As a project manager, you need a high degree of personal integrity, so you make ethical decisions while you manage the projects assigned to you.

Advanced Accounting

This degree takes you beyond the usual MBA accounting degree. The program focuses on tax accounting, international accounting, cost accounting, and accounting ethics. You’ll also learn accounting research and accounting information systems within a forensic framework. You’ll need a background in accounting to gain admission to one of these programs.


If you have a goal of leading from within a senior management position (COO or CEO), this concentration fits your needs. If you plan to own your own business, you may be able to make use of the Leadership concentration as well. Managers of for-profits and non-profits, law enforcement, and the military also benefit from this concentration.

Accreditation in Colorado

It’s only the best of the best MBA programs that apply for and receive accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). This agency confers the highest standards of accreditation for business programs around the world, with less than 5% of 16,000 business schools earning this distinction.

Schools that are moving toward accreditation gather needed documentation and send in their initial application. Once this is approved, the school begins to work to meet the benchmarks so that it can be accredited. The AACSB returns to review each business school every five years to ensure that it has maintained the very high academic standards needed to keep its accreditation. It isn’t only the schools that work toward high standards of excellence—staff and faculty must make this commitment as well.

A business school with accreditation works to provide challenging and relevant curriculum and career opportunities for each of its students, whether they attend on campus or online. Accredited schools supply academic rigor, industry exposure, and experiential learning. They will also provide you with access to faculty with world renown, career advancement in specific and general disciplines, and networking opportunities with professionals in the industries you are interested in.

Top MBA Careers and Programs

In this position, you report straightto the Director of Finance. You’ll work with other finance managers and analysts on financial planning, analysis, and reporting.

You’ll need to work with cross-functional teams to make it easier for the Director of Finance to arrive at decisions. Your aim is to improve profitability through the entire organization. Your ability to develop and manage extremely complex financial analysis and business modeling will be highly prized. If you have a high degree of technical proficiency, this will help you in your position.

You’ll be responsible for leading growth initiatives as you and your team look for new markets. As you find these markets, you’ll also develop market entry strategies. Expect to conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of markets and products.

You’ll also manage cross-functional teams to provide project deliverables on established timelines. You’ll also assess potential acquisition and investment options by looking at sourcing, developing financial deal models, and conducting preliminary commercial due diligence.

In this position, you’re responsible for calculating IRR, NPV, and equity multiples. You’ll also take responsibility for building and presenting strong Excel models and help in the preparation of development project budgets and forms.

You’ll evaluate Seniors Housing opportunities for development by creating Excel-based cash flow models. You’ll be charged with assisting in the underwriting and due diligence of each transaction, to include reading and interpreting leases, operating agreements, loan documents, JV partnership agreements, and researching market fundamentals.

You will have primary responsibility for business and non-legal aspects of the company. You will report straight to the managing partners, holding overall responsibility for finance and accounting, human resources, technology, insurance, facilities, administrative personnel, operations, and marketing/business development initiatives.

Some of these responsibilities are day-to-day while others are longer-term. You will actively participate in the development and implementation of strategies that support the continued growth and performance of the company.

You’re responsible for the identification and pursuit of new business opportunities. This will result in RFPs, contract award, and the achievement of assigned revenue goals. In this position, you report directly to the CEO. This position could eventually transition into a Vice Presidential/management team role.

This position requires someone who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. The Retail Finance Team builds leaders and drives the value of its services. You’ll be responsible for comprehensive financial planning, forecasting, and analysis. You’ll help the company to strategically align its resources with achievement of goals for the long- and short-term.